The Winds of Spring Are Here!


 The Chinese Character for rejuvenation means “Back to Spring”

The winds of Spring are here! Wind represents movement, transformation, and change. Change is an essential part of renewal, rejuvenation, and healing. The time is right to release old patterns and awaken energy that has been dormant.


Spring is the season related to the Wood Element. The Wood Element includes the Liver, and its partner, the Gallbladder. The Liver meridian promotes the flow of Qi, removes toxins, and calms the nervous system. On an emotional level, the Wood energy helps us make decisions and follow through with plans.


The Yellow Emperor’s Classic, an original text of Chinese Medicine, states:

“The three months of the spring season bring about the revitalization of all things in nature. Arise early also and go walking in order to absorb the fresh, invigorating energy. Since this is the season in which the universal energy begins anew and rejuvenates, one should attempt to correspond to it directly by being open and unsuppressed, both physically and emotionally.”   “The liver corresponds to Wood and to Spring and is coupled with the Gallbladder. Therefore, spring is the most propitious time to treat problems of the liver and gallbladder channels.”


Some signs of Wood energetic imbalance include: frustration, irritability, anger, digestive upset, PMS, irregular or painful periods, headaches, dizziness/vertigo, eye conditions, and muscle pain. Experiencing any of these symptoms? Time to visit your Chinese medicine practitioner for a seasonal tune-up!

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