PTSD/Mental and Emotional Burnout



I know that many of you are feeling the monumental burden that these last few years have brought us. Much of what we have encountered as a global family has triggered new levels of mental and emotional burnout, putting further stress on those also suffering from PTSD. This leaves many searching for more answers and relief from these heavy burdens. 

Chinese Medicine provides a context for the complexity of coexisting mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. Everyone is unique in their experience with acute traumas, long-term exposure to triggers. In practice, Chinese Medicine offers a complex and targeted approach to the management of the vast array of symptoms associated with PTSD. No matter how severe or mild, acute or latent your symptomS, Chinese medicine offers a helping hand in any phase of your healing journey.

Sometimes within this particular journey of healing, one finds themselves in periods of what could be called a “healing crisis”. This is a very important place of rewiring and liberation from negative patterns and deeply held trauma within the body. Allowing oneself the space and rest to fully engage in the healing process is such an important part of the journey

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