The Benefits of Bone Broth on Digestion and the Immune System

For many people, the change of the seasons also means a change in their health. Whether it is a common cold we are trying to avoid, or the change we experience in our diet during colder temperatures, it is safe to say that feeling well is very important during this seasonal change.

One thing that can potentially save our bodies from ill health during the colder months is bone broth soup. Bone broth has been used to build up immune and digestive health for generations because it is immensely beneficial. Packed with many of the essential minerals, amino acids, and nutrients that we lack in our daily diets, this staple food can help you to build immune health, reconstitute a healthy gut, and increase quality of life in the months to come.

Traditionally, bones have been used for making soups and stocks in numerous cultures. High-quality stock, beef, chicken, fish, and lamb bones have been used because they enhance the flavor of the food, and also for their health benefits. When bone is simmered for 4–48 hours, collagen and gelatin from the bone is released into the stock, along with minerals, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and amino acids glycine and proline. Not only does this provide a nutrient-dense meal, but it also boosts the body’s ability to repair itself faster, fight off infections, and nourish the organ systems.

As practitioners of Chinese medicine, we suggest incorporating bone broths into one’s diet because it helps to restore and revitalize the kidney essence or qi. Since your qi is the vital essence of what makes you “you,” it is very important to provide continuous support inside and outside the body. What bone broths can do to help with this is to nourish the kidney qi directly. Additionally, bone broths can invigorate the body’s immune system by rebuilding blood and yin, improving the lining of the gut, and replenishing the necessary nutrients the body requires daily.

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    I just stumbled acorss your blog and wanted to say thanks for posting this! As much as I love sugar, recently i have been trying to cut way back because of all the recent studies coming out.

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