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WHAT IS GUA SHA?  (pronounced Gwah-Shah)

“Gua” means to rub. “Sha” is a flush skin color or red marking that occurs during the process of rubbing. “Gua Sha”, often called “scraping therapy” could also be called “spoon massage” because a porcelain Chinese soup spoon is a common tool used to rub acupuncture points and muscular areas. Essential oils can be added to the massage oil used to provide additional therapeutic effects and promote circulation. Although the practice of Gua Sha is assumed to be much older, its first recorded use dates back about 700 years – during the era of the Ming Dynasty.  Gua Sha breaks up energy, increases circulation, reduces inflammation and increases the body’s natural ability to heal. In recent years, people have become more aware of its benefits through facial massage marketing and the popular “beauty facial rollers” being promoted online, marketed as a ‘fountain of youth’ and an at-home, self-care process. We carry some of the facial rollers in our gift area at The CAC!  

If you’ve watched Dr. Majebé’s YouTube Channel videos, “A Conversation with Dr. Majebé”, you’ve probably seen her perform Gua Sha on a child’s back. This is a treatment used to increase the Chi (qi) energy flow in the body and is a powerful technique our Acupuncturists use in addition to your acupuncture treatment.  

This is another tool we utilize in Chinese Medicine to support your bodies natural healing.  Call if you have questions and let us support on your health journey. 

– The Chinese Acupuncture Clinic of Asheville  

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