Introduction into the Ancient Practice:

The ancient practice of using the Six Healing Sounds dates back to a time when Shamans were the principal healers. The practice of these specific sounds for healing is a form of Qi Gong. Qi gong means life energy cultivation. From a Chinese Medicine perspective it is a path to assist the balancing of the Qi/energy flowing though our bodies.

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History of the Element Theory:

Some background information is important here in order to understand how these sounds can effect your health. One of the foundational pillars of Chinese Medicine is Five Element Theory. Very briefly, the Five Elements refer to five elements in nature, that have corresponding relationships with the 12 Primary Meridians used in Acupuncture treatments. Each of these meridians have different trajectories that include certain organ systems after which they are named. So we have the Lung meridian, the Stomach meridian, etc.

Listen to the sound that coresponds to each element:

Heart Channel



Lung Channel



Warmer Channel



Spleen Channel



Kidney Channel



Liver Chanel



Elements and organ systems

How these elements and their corresponding organ systems influence each other is a main determining factor in health. The art and practice of Feng Shui is one method of managing our environment to affect the impact the different elements have on an individual in a day to day basis. Based on one’s personality and preferences one is attracted to certain elements and not others. This can lead to an imbalance in these elemental forces in one’s life. Practicing the Six Healing sounds is another way to balance out these elemental forces in an individual’s life.

In order to choose which element and meridian system to activate within, and to connect with in the environment, the following blogs will discuss these sounds and their related symptoms and characteristics. If you are uncertain which ones to practice you can also discuss them with you acupuncturist.


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