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“The Pharmacy” at The Chinese Acupuncture & Herbology Clinic on Montford Avenue is the oldest and one of the largest Chinese Herbal Medicine pharmacies in the Southeast.

IN PHOTO: If your Acupuncturist or Chinese Medicine Doctor says you have a blood deficiency, they might prescribe you:  Bai Mu Er, He Shou Wu & Shi Hu.

These Chinese Herbal Medicine ingredients are used as a yin and blood tonic for the lungs and liver. Dr. Majebé says that a blood deficiency can manifest as symptoms of dry skin, dry mouth and dry eyes. Yin/blood deficiency can be associated with dizziness or tinnitus. 

These herbs to be used as a tincture or tea are often prescribed by the practitioners at The CAC. 

If your Acupuncturist says you have a “blood deficiency”, what exactly do they mean?  A blood deficiency (xu) refers to you not having enough blood (low volume) in circulation throughout your body or the quality of your blood indicates a lack of nourishment (such as low iron) so it cannot carry out essential functions optimally.  Chinese Herbal Medicine can correct this deficiency through powerful combinations of Chinese Herbal tinctures, powders and teas. 

– The Chinese Acupuncture & Herbology Clinic of Asheville & Hendersonville

Always seek the advice of a trained professional when working with herbal medicines.


*”Snow fungus”, an edible fungus that is commercially cultivated and popular in both Chinese medicine and cuisine.

**The name “He Shou Wu”  translates to “the black-haired Mr. He,” who is thought to be a reference to the youthful effects this herb had on the man who discovered its usefulness for longevity, reproductivity and vitality. 

***(Dendrobium)  a type of orchid

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